Annual Conference

The 2017 Washington State Chapter of NAFTO State Conference is March 30th & 31st. The WANAFTO Chapter has put together some great training for this years conference.

It has been a very busy year in the area of field training as agencies appear to be increasing their FTO staff.  I cannot recall a time when I had the opportunity to instruct and meet the number of new FTOs as I did during this past year.

This years training includes the following great classes.

FTO Survey Debrief
Dave Bales

DOR Reviews
Dave Harris & Jeff Eddy

Safe Call
Steve Redmond – Seattle PD

San Bernardino Shooting Debrief
(Failure to Search)

Officer Involved
Patrick Shaver

Officer Involved began in 2013 as a culmination of multiple influences and events colliding in the life of the director.  While he had previously studied social systems and conflict resolution, his choice of a career in public service brought about a paradox in understanding human interaction with authority.  He began to observe how both internal and external perceptions change in the progression from an ordinary citizen to a police officer. While the idea for a film exploring the concept of humanity in policing had been a budding interest, it was a conversation over dinner one night with an acquaintance that helped set in motion the actual process of moving forward with Officer Involved….

How to Relate to Anyone
Dr. Orv Owens

Dr. Orv Owens is an author, consultant, seminar and convention speaker.  Dr. Owens has a variety of presentations and has lectured for the FBI, CIA, military leadership and numerous private companies.  In 1980 Dr. Owens served as the National Coordinator for the Presidential Inaugural Celebrations, served on the Presidents National Council on Vocational Education, has been a radio and television personality for many years.

The National Register’s “Who’s Who in Executives and Professionals”, has listed him in the 2000 Edition and the American Biographical Institute has named him and “Outstanding Personality of the South.”  He has been called, “One of the top ten speakers in the nation.”

His focus will be on how we relate to out our student officers, communication skills and how to effectively empower our student officers to succeed.

The conference is jammed-packed with information, so we hope you will be able to join us.

Download the Conference Itinerary Now.